Our Firm was born to the business life on August 22, 2002. Since then we have been fortunate to have some of the best professionals in the market, some of which today occupy positions of responsibility in important companies of mining, banking, services and retail. Others have created their own companies and others are still part of the team. But what unites us and has united us all, is the persistence in sharing the values with which we have made our work and taken care of our Clients.

    17 years ago we were born as an information technology firm focused on the development of custom software.
    Later we added to our services the integration of systems, the architecture of software, business architecture, the development of strategic IT plans, analytics applied in business processes of public institutions and private retail companies, energy and banking.

    Why choose us?

    Always and through each chapter of its history, ALAYA has been able to choose, develop and increase values, ethical principles and guidelines of conduct in its team of professionals, which are reflected in the coexistence inside and outside of their organization, they have won us with clients, suppliers and partners the possibility of building mutually beneficial and long-term relationships.